Our Mission

Freshly prepared meals !

Life gets busy and we don’t all have time to cook at home every night. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal that taste like you spent hours preparing it. Our mission is to bring you and your family fresh, healthy meals so you can still eat well while being able to  be at the kids hockey game to see the game winning goal or at the studio for dance practice.

Free delivery!

Place an order online or by phone and  we deliver to your home or office. Meals ready to go when you get home after a busy day or getting home late from shuttling kids from sports and after school activities.

Simple to re-heat!

Meals are prepared to be easily re-heated and have been pre-portioned with your health in mind. All meals are made with real food. No preservatives! Meals are delivered fresh and can be frozen to be enjoyed at a later time. Let us take the hassle out of cooking and you can focus on the things that matter most in life.